'Democracy: A Fragile Way of Life'

MWP Book Roundtable with Till van Rahden

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19 May 2021

17:00 - 18:30 Italian time



Badia Refectory TBC

The Book Roundtable will focus on Till van Rahden's book "Democracy: A Fragile Way of Life".

About the book:

After the Cold War ended, liberal democracy was often taken for granted. Now it is in crisis: many citizens distrust representative government and parliamentary politics, the people's parties all over Europe are losing members and votes, twitter and Instagram are crowding out public debates and civility. Across the globe, studies have appeared on the crisis of democracy. Challenging the sense of despair that has informed recent conversations, Till van Rahden’s new book suggests that instead of analysing how democracies die, it might prove more useful to explore what keeps them alive. Drawing on the history of the Federal Republic of Germany as a case study to think about democracy as a way of life, it argues that Postwar Germany’s democratic miracle allows us to better understand the cultural and social foundations of democracy in public controversies, in democratic aesthetics, and in everyday life. It contends that no matter how stable a democratic government might appear to be, without democratic forms and spaces that allow for democratic experiences in everyday life it will wither away.

The event is jointly organised by the Max Weber Programme and the Democracy in the 21st century cluster


Zoom link will be sent upon registration, due by 18 May (noon).


Prof. Till Van Rahden (University of Montreal)


Lucy Riall (EUI - HEC)

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