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New Routes to a Better Understanding of EU Law

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20 May 2021

14:30 - 19:00 CEST



This webinar, organised by EU Law Live in collaboration with members of the ‘Court of Justice in the Archives’ project team, brings together leading experts to focus on different aspects of EU legal history and looks at new approaches to analysing and understanding EU Law through archival analysis.

The archives of the Court of Justice of the European Union were opened at the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) at the EUI in December 2015. The Court of Justice in the Archives project, a joint project between the Academy of European Law and the HAEU, builds on the recent interesting historical and sociological turns in EU law and Court of Justice-focused scholarship to propose steps to build broad foundations to bring these archives to life.

For further information please visit "The Court of Justice in the Archives" website and EU Law Live.

To participate to the webinar: register here.



Siniša Rodin (Court of Justice of the European Union)

Bill Davies (American University)

Valérie Mathevon

Prof. Fernanda Nicola (American University, Washington College of Law)

William Phelan (Trinity College Dublin)

Maria Patrin (EUI - Law)

John Morijn (University of Groningen)

Anthony Arnull (University of Birmingham)

Anne Boerger (University of Alberta)

Vera Fritz (University of Copenhagen)

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