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The Emergent Right to Repair

The Emergent Right to Repair

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23 June 2022

14:00 - 15:00 CEST



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Department of Law

In this event, EUI Law researcher, Anthony Rosborough will deliver a talk on his doctoral thesis projects, exploring the legal issues regarding the emergent right to repair.


Restrictions imposed by law, markets, and product design have made it increasingly difficult to repair the devices, machinery, and appliances which surround us. Manufacturers can weaponize intellectual property rights to restrict access to crucial device firmware, curtail the distribution of replacement parts, and prevent access to service and diagnostic information. Through exclusivity agreements and onerous warranty terms, manufacturers can also restrict who may conduct repairs to small networks of authorised technicians. 

Cumulatively, these restrictions can result in enormous social costs. These restrictions can reduce consumer choice, increase costs, shorten product lifespan and encourage premature disposal of goods, all while centralising technical knowledge and expertise in the hands of fewer and fewer individuals.

This talk will provide an overview of the global Right to Repair movement and provide examples of products and devices which exemplify the problems posed by unrepairability. Rosborough will then address some of the successes toward legal and policy reform in the EU toward the Right to Repair, while highlighting areas in need of further attention. Finally, Anthony will survey the social and economic benefits of grassroots participatory repair activities throughout the European Union, including through tool libraries and repair cafes.

The talk is well-suited for those with an interest in law & technology, competition law, and environmental protection. Notable Right to Repair advocates and policy experts in Europe have also been invited to make contributions and answer questions from participants.


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