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How can space technology help build peace in Ukraine and the world?

PeachTech Talk

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28 July 2022

17:00 - 18:00 CEST



Join the fourth PeaceTech Talk to discuss how space technology can become a key factor for global peace and security, rather than a source of conflict.

The conflict in Ukraine represents the first conventional war in which disruptive technologies and digital platforms play a key role. In this series of four online talks, we discuss the various ways in which digital technologies and tech platforms can contribute to fostering peace, creating new bridges between citizens in Europe and the world.  

The fourth PeaceTech Talk will focus on the role of space technologies in contributing to peace and humanitarian emergency response in Ukraine. This includes the use of satellite imagery and data to support humanitarian efforts, taking care of refugees and displaced people, facilitating medical supply, favoring global transparency and accountability, ensuring connectivity and information sharing. These opportunities are matched by challenges and threats of misuse and potential conflict in space that call for new norms, rules, and principles of responsibility and sustainability to ensure the effective use of space technology for peaceful purposes. 





The event is organised by the Global PeaceTech Hub. For more information please get in touch with Michele Giovanardi at [email protected]

The Event will be broadcasted on the STG YouTube Channel. To join, please register.




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