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Banking in Europe: Through the Pandemic and Beyond

Thorsten Beck (FBF Director) and Elena Carletti (Professor at Bocconi University) recently published an article for the International Banker discussing why the banking sector is critical in the post-pandemic recovery process.

13/05/2021 | News

On 1 March, Thorsten Beck, the current Director of the Florence School of Banking and Finance (FBF) and Elena Carletti, Professor at Bocconi University and former FBF Director, wrote an article for the 'International Banker' examining the crucial role the European banking can play in the global recovery to the COVID-19 pandemic. Carletti and Beck argue that while banks have the ability to help, they also face the urgent need for restructuring and contend that both bank supervisors and board members must step up to the challenge.

Read the full article now on the International Banker website.

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