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Florence School of Transnational Governance

Building peace and cooperation through tech

The Global PeaceTech Hub at the European University Institute School of Transnational Governance (EUI/STG) will study applications and governance of technology to build peace and cooperation.

06 December 2021 | Event - Research


The new initiative will be presented at the 2021 United Nations Internet Governance Forum on 8 December 2021.

In the Global PeaceTech Hub, researchers in Florence, New York and Luzern will study peace-tech initiatives across the world, building a Global PeaceTech Atlas and analysing how the responsible use and smart governance of digital technologies can harness a positive impact for society. 

The hub is based in Florence (Italy) at the EUI/STG and will be run in collaboration with The Governance Lab at NYU Tandon School of Engineering in the United States and the University of Lucerne – Institute of Social Ethics in Switzerland. Researchers will focus among others on Digital Identities & Blockchain Tech, Peaceful Digital Ecosystems, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics for Peace, and Human Rights and Ethics in Tech Governance.

EUI/STG Professor Andrea Renda, one of the project leads, said: “The Global PeaceTech Hub will promote social innovation through events and research on the key ethical and policy dilemmas inherent to the use of technology for peace. We will also discuss new models of transnational governance of technology to foster peace and cooperation at the global level, which is at the heart of our School’s mission.”

On 8 December 2021, members of the Global PeaceTech Hub will meet academics, policymakers and experts at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum 2021 to discuss collaboration in realising the hub’s mission. This will be an occasion to exchange ideas with key decisionmakers, academics and practitioners on how to deploy new technologies to make a positive, measurable impact on the world. 

The Global PeaceTech Hub is also working with The Governance Lab on "100 Questions on PeaceTech", an initiative aimed at identifying relevant peacetech policy questions with an international community of computational social scientists. This initiative will culminate in a hackathon event in Florence planned for summer 2023, where developers and policy experts will join forces to build innovative solutions to a key policy problem.


Register for the Global PeaceTech Hub presentation at the UN Internet Governance Forum 2021: Networking #93 Global PeaceTech: how can good governance help societies avoid risks and exploit the potential of digital technologies? 

Last update: 26 January 2022

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