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Call for contributions: FEMETRICS Lab

The FEMETRICS research project is accepting contributions to its conference on 'Visible Women: Gender | Data | Social Europe', taking place on 11-12 November 2024 at the European University Institute (EUI).

13 May 2024 | Event


FEMETRICS - Visible Women: gender, data, social Europe addresses gender data gaps by assessing official statistics providers, highlighting the non-economic aspect of gender data availability, capturing the broader wellbeing of women and girls, and analysing policy and legal frameworks.

The research project, funded by the EUI Widening Europe Programme, is led by EUI Professor Gaby Umbach, Jaromir Harmáček (Palacký University Olomouc), and Bogna Kietlinska (University of Warsaw).

Researchers are invited to submit proposals and discuss their findings in a FEMETRICS Lab, taking place on 11-12 November 2024 at the EUI.

Contributions shall focus on the quality of data used to assess women's wellbeing, the structure and governance of data, open access to data, and data sharing by policymaking bodies for the public good.

Applicants must be hosted by an institution located in one of the following fifteen targeted Widening countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Researchers are invited to assess existing institutions, processes, networks, and data collection patterns to identify best practices and relevant gender-disaggregated data gaps in the above-mentioned fifteen countries.

Contributions should be submitted in a single email addressed to both Professor Gaby Umbach ([email protected]) and Mira Tiwari ([email protected]) with the subject line 'FEMETRICS Proposal'.

Learn more in the call for contributions. The deadline to submit a proposal is 15 August 2024.

Last update: 23 July 2024

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