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Digital Transformation in Archival Science

A 10 August symposium, open to everyone, will explore the opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation in archival science.

27/07/2021 | News

Archives the world over work to catalogue, preserve and make available primary documents to inform the public and provide scholars with official, primary sources for research.

As in most information sectors, digitalisation is transforming the field, offering new solutions—and new challenges—for archives everywhere.

This 10 August, Professor Peter Pavel Klasinc, Head of the Departments for Archival Science at Alma Mater Europaea – ECM, along with Dieter Schlenker, Director of the Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU), have organised the online symposium ‘Digital Transformation in Archival Science.’

The event brings together archivists, academics and other specialists to discuss the manifold aspects of digital archiving for archival science, theory and practice. The presentations will cover themes ranging from digitalisation and digital descriptions, to blockchain, artificial intelligence and cyber security.

Schlenker will speak specifically on digital transformation in the HAEU, which, while a long-standing project, was accelerated with the COVID-19 pandemic. In April of 2020, the HAEU launched a ‘Research our holdings from home’ initiative, instructing users on how to access archival holdings remotely, and offering a digitalisation-on-demand service.

Anyone interested in the upcoming symposium is warmly welcomed to participate via zoom. A description of the event may be found here.

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