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Economic regulation of European air traffic management | FSR Transport

Writing for the FSR Transport blog, Professor Regula Dettling-Ott examines the current economic regulation of air traffic management in Europe and its future legal frameworks amidst the historic downturn of air traffic and travelers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

09/06/2021 | News - Opinion

In the latest post for the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) Transport Area blog, Professor Regula Dettling-Ott (Chair of the Performance Review Body and former Vice-President of EU Affairs for the Lufthansa Group), expresses her personal thoughts on the future legal framework and economic regulation of the European air traffic control management sector. She contends that the aviation sector must follow the examples set by other industries and establish mandatory institutional cooperation, a functioning EU-wide economic regulation and establish enforcement mechanisms and penalities for environmental underperformance.

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