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Emotional communication | James Dennison

What makes communication effective? How can topics be communicated in a way that allows to meet contemporary policy objectives? Learn more about emotional communication in our new Schuman Short with James Dennison.

30 May 2023 | Video

Professor James Dennison from the Migration Policy Centre has recently conducted research on people's attitudes towards migration and has produced a report that analyses emotion-based communication in the field of migration.

"Emotions are vital to persuasive communications because our attitudes have cognitive thinking components and emotive feeling components.", explained Dennison in the Short.

His report studies 10 examples of good emotion-based migration communication and the different emotions and physiological reactions that they are likely to induce. Moreover, he explores to what extent these responses are in line with the communication campaign’s stated objectives and provides guidance about how emotions should be used in migration policy communication.

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Last update: 30 May 2023

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