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‘FSR Alumni Day’: Celebrating two decades of transformative impact in regulation

Approaching its 20th anniversary, the Florence School of Regulation marked the milestone with its inaugural Alumni Day. Professors, former directors and course participants gathered on 27 October 2023 to celebrate the School’s lasting impact since its establishment in 2004.

16 November 2023 | Research

The gathering featured a series of engaging sessions, including testimonials from distinguished alumni, open discussions with industry experts, as well as interactive working groups on key topics like the EU Green Deal, gas and clean molecules, and electricity markets.

Since its establishment twenty years ago, the Florence School of Regulation has trained over 10,000 participants and hosted more than 60 online courses for academics and energy experts from all over the world. It facilitates academic research, training, and policy events exchange with the aim of informing European regulation and policy in energy, climate, transport, and water & waste.

Co-founder Professor Ignacio Pérez-Arragia stressed that “when we started very few people knew regulation in Europe … so we were basically inventing the subject”. Co-founder Professor Jorge Vasconcelos added that over the years, the FSR has adapted its training courses “to the changing reality of energy markets in Europe”. Other academics celebrated the school’s diverse culture, independent research, strong network and the growing number of female scholars in the energy regulation field.

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Last update: 16 November 2023

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