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FSR Energy and Climate launches the new 'Energy Transition' mini-podcast

The Florence School of Regulation (FSR) released the first two episodes of its new podcast series. Read below to learn more about the podcast and its goals.

10/06/2021 | News - Podcast

On 7 June, FSR Energy and Climate launched its 'Energy Transition – the Commission’s State aid decisions on the Dutch and German coal phase-out laws' mini podcast series. True to its name, the podcast aims to examine the European Commission’s State aid decisions regarding coal phase-out laws in Europe. 

The first episode of the series, 'Dutch Decision', explores the Commission's decision regarding the 2019 Dutch phase-out laws. Beginning with the landmark Urgenda judgement, the episode details the lead-up and after-effects of the Commission's decision.

Meanwhile, 'Germany’s Hard Coal Phase', focuses on the laws Germany passed in 2020 to phase-out coal and carbon, particularly its auction mechanisms designed to compensate operators and business owners impacted by coal closures. The episode also offers some critiques of the decision and potential ways to improve in the future.

Visit the FSR Energy SoundCloud account to explore and listen to more podcasts ranging from discussing the future of long distance passenger rails, the role banking and finance can play in reaching decarbonisation objectives, conference highlights and discussions on Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms.

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