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George Yeo joins STG External Advisory Board

The former Minister and businessman from Singapore will further enhance the EUI School of Transnational Governance's engagement with Asia.

30/03/2021 |

The EUI School of Transnational Governance (EUI-STG) is pleased to welcome George Yeo, the latest addition to the School’s External Advisory Board. Yeo is the Senior Adviser to both Kuok Group and Kerry Logistics Network. During his career, he served in the Singapore government, as Minister for Information and the Arts, Health, Trade and Industry, and Foreign Affairs. He has also holds several positions on advisory and oversight boards of academic as well as business institutions and organisations.

With his experience in business and government service, he brings an informed perspective on Euro-Asian relations:

“The re-emergence of China on the historical stage is a challenge to the western world which has dominated that stage for more than two hundred years. Europe's response will be different from that of the U.S. because the interests are not identical. Even within Europe, there are different views that lead to different positions. China's statecraft has always been pragmatic; it will instinctively ally with like-minded countries to pursue its goals.

The School of Transnational Governance at the European University Institute can help clarify the forces at play which are both geopolitical and subtle. What we should all strive for is less conflict and more cooperation. I am honoured to be appointed to the STG External Advisory Board.”

The External Advisory Board supports the strategic development of the EUI-STG. The Board was established by the EUI’s High Council in December 2018. It consists of at least twelve members, all of international reputation, who have a solid background in research and institutional management, and/or hold or have held top positions in public or private organisations in Europe and around the world.

Access an overview of EAB members here.

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