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Giovanni Sartor receives Stanford's CodeX Prize

Giovanni Sartor, EUI Professor of Legal informatics and Legal Theory, is amongst the recipients of The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics' third annual CodeX Prize.

17 April 2023 | Award


CodeX – The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics, jointly operated by Stanford Law School and the Stanford Computer Science Department, has announced the recipients of its third annual CodeX Prize at the CodeX FutureLaw 2023 Conference.

This year's CodeX Prize was awarded jointly to three academic researchers from three different countries who have collaborated for decades on legal argumentation theory. Their areas of research broadly impact on how artificial intelligence can be leveraged in the formulation of sophisticated legal arguments. 

The winners are EUI Law Part-time Professor, Giovanni Sartor, Henry Prakken, and Trevor Bench-Capon. "These three influential scholars are true pioneers in the field of AI and law," said Harry Surden, who presented the award. "Their groundbreaking work has not only reshaped our understanding of legal argumentation, it has transformed the way we think about legal reasoning and argument more broadly, and set a foundation for future advancements in artificial intelligence and law," added Surden. 

The CodeX Prize is an annual award given to an individual or group for a noteworthy contribution to computational law—an idea, article, book, computer application, computer tool, or organisation that has had a significant and enduring positive impact on the field. 

Last update: 17 April 2023

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