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Department of Law

Leticia Diez Sanchez wins 2022 Mauro Cappelletti Prize

The Department of Law is pleased to announce that Law alumna Leticia Diez Sanchez has received the Mauro Cappelletti Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis in Comparative and European Law, including comparative approaches to protection of fundamental and human rights.

30 May 2022 | Award

Leticia Diez Sanchez has been awarded this year's Mauro Cappelletti Prize for the Best Thesis in Comparative and European Law for her dissertation Integration through Law and its Discontents: Unveiling the distributive impact of judge-made law in the EU.

Leticia defended her thesis on 21 October 2021, under the supervision of Professor Loïc Azoulai.

Mauro Cappelletti, whose name is honoured by this prize, was a great scholar of Comparative Law and Professor of Law at the EUI, at the University of Florence and at Stanford University. In 1995, Robert Helm, an alumnus of the EUI and a former student of the late Professor Cappelletti, together with his wife Mimie, generously decided to finance the annual award of a prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis at the EUI in the field of Comparative Law.

The prize is awarded annually and was conferred for the first time in 2005.

Last update: 01 June 2022

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