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Meet the EUI Law Department's 2023 cohort: Dimitris Panousos

The EUI Law Department is pleased to present its new cohort of researchers who have joined the Institute in the academic year 2023-24.

21 September 2023

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Hailing from Athens, Greece, Dimitris Panousos brings a rich academic background to the EUI Law Department. He is an alumnus of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, where he completed both his LLB and an LLM in Public International Law. His passion for legal studies took him to Utrecht University, where he further specialised with an LLM in Law of the Sea and Environmental Law. Before joining the EUI, Dimitris gained valuable experience, from being a trainee lawyer within the Athens Bar Association, to a teaching assistant at the University of Athens.

The excellent reputation of the EUI is what brought Dimitris to Florence. He was particularly attracted by the interdisciplinary approach that the Law Department adopts, encouraging researchers to venture beyond their core disciplines, while maintaining a strong legal focus. Dimitris' research dives deep into the Law of the Sea with his thesis titled Third Parties' Interests in Maritime Delimitation, and spotlighting the often overlooked necessity of safeguarding the interests of States that are not party to maritime delimitation agreements or judicial decisions. Taking an interdisciplinary angle, Dimitris aims to study the strategic "use" of international law by States to further their foreign policies. His passion for the law of the sea traces back to his bachelor years in Athens. Fascinated by its intersectionality with various other legal regimes, Dimitris' research promises to explore this domain in profound depth, especially its interaction with the law of treaties and rules that govern peaceful dispute settlement.

Hoping to establish himself in academia, Dimitris believes that the EUI is the ideal launchpad. The Law Department's philosophy of facilitating specialised yet interdisciplinary research aligns perfectly with his aspirations of comprehending law in its entirety, encompassing its purpose and broader functions. Beyond his academic pursuits, Dimitris enjoys sports, be it running, tennis, swimming, or rowing with the EUI rowing team. But perhaps his most interesting hobby is cooking, so he may treat his fellow researchers to the delightful taste of Greek cuisine!

Join the Law Department in warmly welcoming Dimitris to the EUI community. We are excited to witness the contributions he will make in his domain and the ways in which he will enrich our community with his expertise.

Last update: 21 September 2023

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