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Department of Law

Meet the EUI Law Department's 2023 cohort: Cielia Eckardt

The EUI Law Department is pleased to present its new cohort of researchers who have joined the Institute in the academic year 2023-24.

13 November 2023

Cielia Eckardt_Law

Cielia Eckardt is a first-year researcher from Denmark. Her academic journey began at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH), where she earned both her LLB and LLM degrees. During her time at UCPH, she specialised in international law, international human rights law, and international criminal law. She served also as a student lecturer and later as an external lecturer in legal philosophy and legal sociology. After completing her Master degree, Cielia worked as a legal officer for the Danish government, gaining valuable experience in the practical aspects of law. In 2022, she returned to UCPH as a research assistant at iCourts – Center of Excellence for International Courts at the Faculty of Law.

Cielia's choice to pursue law was driven by her desire for an education that would open doors to various career opportunities and allow her to work with people and instigate change. During her studies, it became evident that she was drawn to a career in research, where she could combine her legal expertise with investigative work, and develop a strong voice for the causes she is passionate about. Her decision to join the EUI for her doctoral studies was driven by a combination of factors: she was attracted to the EUI's renowned faculty, the emphasis on interdisciplinarity, and the opportunity for intercultural exchange. Moreover, as a Danish national who had pursued her entire education in Denmark, Cielia was thrilled to be part of the EUI global community and connect with researchers from diverse backgrounds.

Cielia's research focuses on the rule of law in regional human rights courts. She is interested in how this concept varies across legal systems and how it operates within regional human rights courts' jurisprudence. Her journey into researching legal standards was sparked during an internship at the Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Cambodia, where she witnessed firsthand the political dynamics that come into play when national and international lawyers and judges work to define the meaning of law and legal standards. Cielia hopes that her research will shed light on how the rule of law concept evolves in courts and legal systems worldwide, influenced by social, political, and historical factors. As for her long-term career goals, Cielia envisions a future in research or working for a non-governmental organisation where she can combine her passions for law and politics.

Outside of academia, Cielia enthusiastically defines herself as an absolute extrovert. She enjoys spending time with friends, savouring home-cooked meals, and organising events, such as the Danish Roskilde Festival, where she manages a team of graffiti artists. She is also an avid knitter and loves to come together with other people over yarn, coffee, and conversations on all sorts of topics, from legal research to reality TV and graffiti.

We warmly welcome Cielia to the EUI community and look forward to the valuable contribution her research will bring to the understanding of the rule of law.

Last update: 13 November 2023

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