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Meet the EUI Law Department's 2023 cohort: Klaudia Sałdan

The EUI Law Department is pleased to present its new cohort of researchers who have joined the Institute in the academic year 2023-24.

13 November 2023

Klaudia Saldan_Law

Klaudia Sałdan is a Polish lawyer specialising in corporate governance and the legal foundations of business ethics and integrity. Klaudia holds a Master degree in law and a Bachelor degree in economics from the University of Wrocław. She honed her expertise by offering legal counsel to private entities across various business sectors at a prominent Polish law firm. She also ventured into the corporate world as an in-house lawyer for a multinational IT corporate group.

What prompted Klaudia to embark on her legal career? Her desire to explore and influence the rules that govern our society played a pivotal role. Over the years, she discovered the impact of soft law and self-regulation on the national legal agenda, which led her to pursue this field of law. When it came time to choose a place for her studies, the EUI stood out as the ideal destination. Besides the EUI's reputation as a research hub, Klaudia was drawn to the Law Department's emphasis on a practical approach to legal studies - an essential perspective for her chosen field.

Klaudia's research is motivated by the recent changes in the EU corporate sustainability reporting directive and its goal to combat greenwashing by ensuring credibility of data published in the reports. She wants to investigate whether the measures provided by the new EU law related to sustainability reporting are sufficient in combating greenwashing among large EU companies. To achieve this, Klaudia plans to blend theoretical analysis with empirical research methods. Her goal is to offer detailed guidelines for the construction of an Environmental Management System for large EU companies, in compliance with the EU sustainability law that ensures the credibility of presented data. The research involves the analysis of the EU legal framework and international standards and guidelines regarding the construction of the Environmental Management System. Klaudia envisions her work contributing to the narrative on sustainability reporting obligations in the EU. Her ultimate aim is to establish a system that large EU companies and corporate groups can implement. Beyond her PhD, Klaudia aspires to gain experience in the public sector, possibly within EU institutions or NGOs focusing on sustainability regulations in the EU.

Besides her academic pursuits, Klaudia enjoys exploring the world through travel, savouring diverse cultures, cuisines, fashion, and music. She also loves water sports, from swimming, to windsurfing, and sailing. When she is at home, she sings, plays the piano, or plays board games.

We warmly welcome Klaudia to the Law Department and we look forward to the impactful contributions her research will have on the field of law and beyond.

Last update: 13 November 2023

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