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Michał Krajewski receives “Państwo i Prawo” first prize for doctoral thesis

Law Alumnus, Dr. Michał Krajewski was awarded the first prize for his doctoral thesis in the 56th Competition of “Państwo i Prawo”, the oldest and most prestigious competition for the best theses in legal sciences in Poland.

10 January 2022 | Award


Michał Krajewski has been awarded the first prize in the 56th edition of the “Państwo i Prawo” Competition for his doctoral thesis Relative justice: the judicial and non-judicial review of European Union legal acts. Krajewski defended his thesis at the EUI Department of Law in January 2020, under the supervision of Professor Deirdre Curtin.

The Polish National Competition by “Państwo i Prawo” (“State and Law”) awards the best habilitation and doctoral theses in legal sciences in Poland. Results of its 56th edition were officially announced on December 8, 2021, in which twelve habilitation theses and fifteen doctoral theses were considered. The candidates were nominated by their faculties and the Jury was appointed by the Praesidium of the Committee of Legal Sciences of the Polish Academy of Science.

“I was very happy and proud,” reminisced Krajewski when he initially learned that the EUI Law Department had proposed his thesis for the award. Writing a thesis about the EU system of justice using empirical methods, a methodological approach that was unfamiliar to him at the time, meant a lot of hard work. In this regard, he adds, “having this work appreciated fills me with gratitude.”

Krajewski expressed feeling thankful to the EUI for providing “a perfect academic environment offering intellectual support and world-class facilities that allowed me to grow as a researcher and produce this thesis.” Indeed, it was specifically during his time at the EUI Law department, that he was introduced to a new contextual approach to law which further enriched his doctrinal legal research.

Moving forward, he hopes this award can “inspire young scholars from Poland to challenge themselves and expand the scope of their research beyond legal doctrine.”

Michał Krajewski is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Copenhagen. He holds a PhD in Law and LLM from the EUI. His doctoral thesis was recently published by Bloomsbury Publishing in July 2021 with the title “Relative Authority of Judicial and Extra-Judicial Review”.

Last update: 26 January 2022

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