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Misleading European Union communications on human smuggling | MPC Blogpost

STG Research Fellow, Andrew Fallone, published a new opinion piece for the MPC blog discussing the potentially misleading narratives brought forward in the recent 'EU Action Plan Against Migrant Smuggling' for the next five years.

16/06/2021 | News - Opinion - Blog

Writing for the Migration Policy Centre (MPC) online blog, Andrew Fallone (Research Fellow at the School of Transnational Governance) examines the recent EU Action Plan Against Migrant Smuggling. According to Fallone, "recent European Union communications risk destabilising counter-smuggling responses by relying on an incomplete set of evidence... Worryingly, misleading narratives in European Union communications indicate that it may squander the opportunity to bring stability to policy responses to human smuggling."

Read Fallone's Op-ed on the MPC blog as he details the largest holes in the EU Action Plan and suggests potential improvements for future policy-making. 

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