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Historical Archives of the European Union

New research guide on artefacts at the HAEU

The Historical Archives of the European Union has produced a new Research Guide on artefacts held in the HAEU collections.

28 July 2022 | Research

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Scholars increasingly embrace artefacts, along with more traditional paper and audio-visual materials, as primary sources for a more comprehensive understanding of institutions, societies and human behaviour. Since the objects under investigation are crafted by human beings, they carry cultural significance, inform social relations, and structure individual and collective identities.  

The Historical Archives have published a new Research Guide to help users navigate the recently inventoried, catalogued and digitised items in its Artefacts Collection.  By making this collection accessible, the HAEU demonstrates its commitment to include objects as historical sources of prime importance that reflect European history, and to assist researchers with an understanding of contemporary Europe that goes beyond the simple study of statesmen, party leaders, and parliaments.

The HAEU is pleased to expand the variety of its collections, including the artefacts, and ensure their accessibility and preservation for future generations.   

Find the new Research Guide here.


Image source: HAEU, BEUC-869

Last update: 28 July 2022

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