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On the Right Track Podcast Episode 3 | FSR Transport

In the latest episode of 'On the Right Track', Juan Montero, Florence School of Regulation Transport Area Professor, invites Dr. Marco Kampp, (Deutsche Bahn) to discuss potential solutions to increasing international long-distance passenger services in Europe.

23/04/2021 | News - Podcast

In the second episode of the ‘On The Right Track’ podcast series, Juan Montero, Professor at the Transport Area of the Florence School of Regulation speaks with Dr. Marco Kampp, the Director of International Long-Distance Passenger Transport at Deutsche Bahn. Over a brief 18-minute conversation, the two discuss the current conditions of international long-distance passenger services in Europe, and offer suggestions for how to boost the industry.

Listen to the full episode on the FSR Energy SoundCloud.

Inspired by the year 2021's designation as the 'European Year of Rail', the ‘On the Right Track’ podcast series, hosted by Professor Juan Montero, is dedicated to exploring how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted European Union's railway agenda, and discusses potential future railway policies and measures. Listen to previous episodes in the series:

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