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LAW Professor and researchers train judges on competition in the Digital Economy

Professor Nicolas Petit and two LAW researchers held a lesson for judges during the ENTraNCE training organised by the Robert Schuman Centre.

09/06/2021 | News - Research

Professor Nicolas Petit held a lesson on 'Online platforms and market power' for judges with the assistance of Isaure d'Estaintot and Natalia Moreno. The initiative, organised within the framework of the Robert Schuman Centre 'EU Competition Policy in Digital Markets' residential training that took place on 20-22 May, gave the two Law researchers the opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience.

The 'European Networking and Training for National Competition Enforcers' is a training programme for national judges of the EU Member States actively dealing with competition law cases. ENTraNCE for Judges provides participants with an overview of the EU competition law and an introduction to the economic theories underpinning its enforcement. 

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