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Historical Archives of the European Union - European University Institute

Open Day at the Historical Archives

On Saturday 7 May the Archives welcomes the public to enjoy Villa Salviati with free guided visits, an art exhibition, and concerts throughout the afternoon.

29 April 2022 | Event


The Historical Archives of the European Union will open its doors to the public on 7 May for its annual Open Day. The event is the concluding activity of the European University Institute’s The State of the Union Conference 2022, now in its 12th year. It is also included on the programme of the Festival d’Europa taking place in Florence from 5-12 May.

The Archives will welcome visitors with guided tours of its state-of-the-art vaults, while Florentine high school students collaborating with the Florence chapter of FAI as Apprendisti Ciceroni will lead the public through the historic villa and its gardens, including the magnificent grotto and the beautiful 16th century chapel that celebrates the union between the Medici and Salviati families.

In the gardens and grotto, artists Kiki Franceschi and Andrea Chiarantini have installed numerous sculptures and works of art in an exhibit curated by Andrea Mello: In the resounding silence of the garden: Sculptures and unexpected presences.

The day will be enlivened by several musical interludes and a grand final concert organised by ReMuTo– la Rete Musica Toscana. Young violinists and flautists will play solos and duets throughout the afternoon in the grotto, while the Tuscan Regional Youth Orchestra will play the grand final concert in the Villa Salviati court yard at 1630.

Visitors can access Villa Salviati on foot through the gates at Via Bolognese 156 and Via Faentina 261. Vehicles may enter the grounds through the gate at Via Salviati 3, but parking is extremely limited.

We highly recommend taking public transport to arrive for the Open Day:

• Take bus n° 25 (Pratolino) and get off at the stop “Il Cionfo 01” on Via Bolognese. Proceed uphill to via Bolognese 156.
• Take bus n° 1A and get off at the stop “Salviati FS” on Via Faentina.
The gate at Via Faentina 261 is located just before Salviati FS. Visitors with limited mobility or who would have difficulty with the walk up to the villa (c. 800 meters) can board an EUI shuttle van that will depart regularly from Salviati FS.

Visitors with limited mobility arriving by car and in possession of a disabled parking permit may enter at Via Salviati 3 and drive up to the Villa on an internal road. Entry must be requested so that the porters can raise the access bar on the internal road.

For more information and the link to registration, consult the Open Day webpage.

Last update: 29 April 2022

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