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Max Weber Programme for Postdoctoral Studies

Call for Papers | Perspectives on Global Crises

The Call for Papers to the 16th Max Weber Fellow June Conference is open to Max Weber Programme Alumni, Marie Curie Fellows and Jean Monnet Fellows.

14 February 2022 | Event


The MWP June Conference 2022 "Perspectives on Global Crises: Challenges and Opportunities" will take place from 15 to 17 June 2022 at the EUI Badia Fiesolana, in Florence, Italy.

This year's MWP Conference brings together social, political, economic, historical, and legal expertise to answer the big questions of the past, today, and tomorrow. In particular, the Conference sheds light on the often-overlooked global peripheries and marginalised individuals within different contexts, uncovering their work and their voices. The aim of the Conference is to invite a broad community of scholars to open new multidisciplinary avenues through which global challenges can be addressed. 

The theme of the 16th edition reflects on the need to address how our interconnected world produces global crises, with their challenges and their opportunities. Indeed, global challenges unfold with different time spans: some can emerge and develop fast, like Covid-19, others can be long in the making, like climate change and structural inequality. In these times of crisis, the social sciences and humanities are uniquely positioned to connect individuals and societies, scientific progress and human development. A key role of scholars working together on these themes is to make sense of and provide multidisciplinary solutions to old and new global challenges.

The Scientific Committee of the event welcomes submissions from Max Weber Programme Alumni, Marie Curie Fellows and Jean Monnet Fellows, with topics related to: Global and Local Inequalities, Human Rights, Democracy and Institutions, Benefits and Risks of Digital Transition, Migration, Environmental Challenges and Sustainability, Hidden and Marginal Voices, Multilateral vs. National Approaches to Crises, Experts and Expertise, Engaged Academia and Public Engagement of Scholars.

More information on the Conference and the call for papers can be found here

Last update: 14 February 2022

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