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Florence School of Transnational Governance

Topic selection for our pilot assembly

The Democratic Odyssey is proud to present the questions for our upcoming assembly in Athens!

24 June 2024


Please open the pdf below to view the questions, which are a result of collective brainstorming and contributions from our constituent network members from all walks of life. The questions also reflect the following topic selection criteria:

  • Pressing popular issue with mass appeal: focusing on most pressing issues that European citizens face, reflecting their diverse interests and concerns across borders; capable of galvanizing attention in civil society and in broader mass public, creating awareness of the assembly, attracting media coverage.
  • Political and social impact: focusing on a hot potato problem for EU leaders, one that is highly controversial, deadlocked through political & intergovernmental disagreements; discussed extensively by civil society and that strategically relates to post European election political context, by shaping the next European Commission’s work-program (sep 2024 - 2029).
  • Cross-cutting: tackling multiple themes/areas: e.g. environment, social justice, economy and culture.
  • Future focused: looking at the Future of Europe visions, forecasts, triggering awareness, new ideas, proposals for long term policy programs; intergenerational in scope.
  • Demonstrative and strategic: a topic that aids the Democratic Odyssey's 'proof of concept' in demonstrating the potential of a people-powered Europe, via a permanent assembly.

The exact focus of the deliberations will be determined further down the line, in cooperation with the citizens who will participate in the assembly.



Democratic Odyssey topic announcement

Last update: 26 June 2024

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