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Sony Kapoor and Desmond King join our academic community

The new year started with two new distinguished members joining our academic community: Sony Kapoor and Desmond King joined the Robert Schuman Centre on 1 January and will stay with us for a year.

26 January 2022 | Research


Sony Kapoor has an esteemed background in macroeconomics, finance, development & sustainability; he is also CEO of the Nordic Institute for Finance, Technology & Sustainability.

As Part-time Professor of Sustainable Development, he will be responsible for developing new research that connects issues associated with green finance and sustainable development in the global South. He will also be responsible for strengthening work on banking and finance in the context of climate action more generally. Find out more here!

"I hope to bring my practitioner's hat, financial sector expertise, and passion for climate and development to the EUI to help esteemed colleagues and policy makers understand and tackle the biggest challenges facing the global economy. In particular, in my work at the Centre and beyond, I hope to break the silos that sadly still separate the worlds of tackling climate change and developmental challenges from the world of global finance and macroeconomic policymaking." - Sony Kapoor 

Desmond King is the Andrew W Mellon Professor of Government at the University of Oxford, and author of numerous books on American politics, racial inequality in the US, liberalism and migration, comparative welfare policy, among other.

As Part‐time Professor of American Politics and the Transatlantic Relationship, he will be responsible for developing new research that connects issues associated with migration and multiculturalism in Europe to the politics of race in the US.

The Schuman community welcomes both!

Last update: 09 March 2022

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