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The African School of Regulation visits the EUI

In October, the African School of Regulation (ASR) team was at the EUI in Florence to prepare for the official launch of the school (that will take place in 2023) and exchange with colleagues of the Florence School of Regulation.

16 November 2022 | Video - Research

In this interview, Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga (Interim Director), Louise Mathu (Research Assistant), and Elias Zigha (Research Assistant) discuss their role in this first phase of the initiative, the scope, the road-map and the blueprint for the school to and stand on its own two legs and move its first steps.

The initiative to create the African School of Regulation (ASR) was formally established in January 2022 via a scientific Knowledge Partnership Agreement among the European University Institute (EUI), the University of Cape Town (UCT), the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES), the Enel Foundation (EF), the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), and The Energy Nexus Network (TENN). The Rockefeller Foundation (RF), the Global Alliance for the People and the Planet (GEAPP), and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) joined later.

The African School of Regulation (ASR) aims to be a centre of excellence for education, applied research, independent discussion and knowledge exchange, with the purpose of improving the quality of African energy regulation and policy. In Africa, run by Africans and for Africa.

The FSR at the EUI was designated by the Parties of the Agreement to provide logistical support and coordination during the initial phase of the creation of the ASR.


Call for interest in hosting the ASR

The parties to the Scientific Knowledge Partnership Agreement to establish the African School of Regulation (ASR) have launched a call for interest to select the host institution for the ASR.

The parties are working at the formalization of the African School of Regulation, which will take place when an African hosting institution is found, and the governance of the ASR is defined. 

In launching the call, the parties have expressed their high hopes for the future of the initiative: "It is our vision that the ASR will achieve, within its first five years, the same level of activities in training, research and policy dialogue, as currently offered by the FSR. Therefore, without prejudice to the future determinations of the governing bodies of the ASR, we expect the budget of the ASR to grow, during its first five years, to about USD 3 million."

The ASR should be hosted by highly reputable African academic institution(s) and/or by international organisation(s) based in Africa.

Read more about the criteria, submission and selection process to become the host institution of the ASR. Information is also available in French: Avis d’appel à manifestation d’intérêt pour accueillir l’Ecole Africaine de Régulation (ASR)


Last update: 17 November 2022

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