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The EUI strengthens its partnership with the University of Lucerne

On 4 June 2024, the European University Institute (EUI) signed a new partnership agreement with the University of Lucerne (UNILU), strengthening their collaboration in research and teaching.

17 June 2024 | Partnership


Under the agreement, the two universities will further promote visiting professorships and the exchange of researchers and staff. The partnership will also enhance teaching opportunities for EUI doctoral students and facilitate the joint exchange of publications of scientific and instructional material, scientific journals, and documentation on joint research projects.

The newly signed agreement extends the 2019 existing agreement for an additional five years. Professor Bruno Staffelbach, Rector of the University of Lucerne, is pleased with the extension: "The collaboration with the EUI has been very successful. With regard to future research in the field of blockchain, further promising opportunities are opening up."

Since 2019, 20 members of the EUI have given lectures in Lucerne as part of the collaboration between the two universities. The EUI and UNILU also worked together on projects in the field of democracy and Europe, such as the online voting advice application, EU&I, and a project on cross-border voting, helping voters find suitable candidates for the 2019 and 2024 European Parliament elections.

The University of Lucerne (UNILU) is a research institution specialising in the human sciences. Topics relating to people and their institutions are at the centre of research and teaching at UNILU. UNILU forms a research, teaching, learning, and working community shaped by respectful interactions, appropriate participation, transparent communication, attractive working conditions, and mutual trust. Students receive high-quality teaching with a good supervisory relationship and fair performance assessments.

Last update: 17 June 2024

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