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Florence School of Transnational Governance

The STG welcomes Professors Kristin Fabbe and Tommaso Nannicini

The Florence School of Transnational Governance (STG) is delighted to add two full-time professors to its faculty, political scientist Kristin Fabbe and economist Tommaso Nannicini who join the school from Harvard and Bocconi respectively.

19 October 2023

STG_Fabbe Nannicini_announcement

Professor Kristin Fabbe is a political scientist with primary expertise in comparative politics and a regional focus on the Middle East and Southeastern Europe. At the STG, she holds a Chair in Comparative Politics. Kristin Fabbe shares her anticipation for the new role:

“I am thrilled to be joining the EUI and the STG. There is no better place to study Europe and its relationship with the rest of the world. I especially look forward to helping build upon the EUI’s strong tradition of research and teaching that crosses disciplinary boundaries to better understand and confront contemporary global challenges.”

Professor Tommaso Nannicini holds a Chair in Political Economy at the STG where he teaches “Topics in Economics for Policy” and “Big & Smart Data”, both at the master's and the executive level. He also supervises PhD students at the EUI Economics and SPS departments. About his appointment, Tommaso Nannicini says:

“I am really excited to come back to my PhD alma mater as a professor. The EUI is a great research community and, at the STG, I will have the chance to blend my political and academic expertise, so as to train the policy leaders of the future.”

More about Professors Fabbe and Nannicini

Professor Fabbe formerly served as Jakurski Family Associate Professor in the Business, Government, and International Economy Unit at Harvard Business School. At Harvard, she taught "Globalization and Emerging Markets", and "Business, Government and the International Economy" in the MBA curriculum. Prior to Harvard, she was a professor in the Government Department at Claremont McKenna College, where she taught courses about Middle East politics.

Her primary expertise lies in comparative politics, with a deep regional focus on the Middle East and southeastern Europe, with a particular emphasis on Turkey. In her extensive research portfolio, Professor Fabbe explores the intricate relationship between state-driven development strategies and identity politics.

In her first book, “Disciples of the State: Religion and State-Building in the Former Ottoman World” (Cambridge University Press, 2019), she examined the role of religious elites, institutions, and attachments in state-building and modernization initiatives in Greece, Turkey, and Egypt. She is currently researching social cohesion and crises, particularly economic shocks, severe austerity measures, and large demographic changes.

Professor Nannicini’s research interests encompass political economy, applied econometrics, comparative politics, labour and social policy.

During his long academic career, he has held various academic positions, including serving as an assistant professor at Carlos III University of Madrid and holding visiting positions at prestigious institutions such as Harvard University, MIT, the International Monetary Fund, Pompeu Fabra, and USI Lugano. He is currently on leave from Bocconi University, where he is a Full Professor of Political Economy.

Professor Nannicini's expertise extends beyond academia. He served as Chief Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister, Under Secretary of State, and Senator. In these capacities, he worked on a diverse array of policy matters, including labour market reform, pension reform, social dialogue with trade unions and employers’ organisations, anti-poverty policies, tax design and administration, and research policy.

Kristin Fabbe’s bio.

Tommaso Nannicini’s bio.

Last update: 19 October 2023

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