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Watch the 'Routes trilogy' online play | Commissioned by the SIRIUS Project

The SIRIUS Project, a EU Horizon 2020 Research programme dedicated to helping migrant and refugee integration, released the 'Routes trilogy', three theatrical and audiovisual pieces telling the story of three migrants searching for a place within Europe's labour market.

22/07/2021 | News - Video

Commissioned by the SIRIUS Project to reflect on its research findings, the Routes trilogy was produced by Hand Made Theatre in collaboration with Sirius researchers and with coordination from SOLIDAR.

"Three routes. Three stories of migration and the search for a place within Europe’s labour market. This theatrical and audiovisual piece accompanies Ahmed, Regina and Estefani as they find their way into work, to explore the humanity behind migration and labour market integration."

The ‘Skills and Integration of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Applicants in European Labour Markets’ (SIRIUS) Project, which is partnered with the Schuman Centre's Global Governance Programme (GGP), is dedicated to providing systematic evidence on migrants, particularly young and female refugees and asylum applicants, and their potential for labour market employment and social integration. The project proposed theoretical frameworks for inclusive integration policies, and disseminated its research findings through mixed multimedia channels including: film essays, a job fair, policy dialogues and even a mobile game application. The EU Research and Innovation Commission recently chose to highlight SIRIUS in the lead-up to its 2021 Innovation Days event.

Scroll below to watch the three videos making up the trilogy.

The Routes Trilogy

Part 1: 'Sono un bravo ragazzo un po' fuori di testa'

Part 2: 'Kneading dough'

Part 3: 'Home'

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