Women of Europe: In memory of Fausta Deshormes La Valle

The Historical Archives of the European Union will honour the memory of Fausta Deshormes La Valle in an online event on 24 April. For the occasion, HAEU Director Dieter Schlenker will present the HAEU holdings that shed light on the role of female politicians and activists in the European integration process.

14/04/2021 | News

The Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) not only holds the private archives of female politicians and activists, including Fausta Deshormes La Valle and Fabrizia Baduel Glorioso, but also of organisations and associations defending women’s rights and involvement in politics at the European level.

In particular, the archival collection Femmes d’Europe includes the documentation gathered by the Information Service for Women in the European Commission (between c. 1977 and c. 1992) for its publications, including, among others, documents from the European Parliament and the United Nations, press clippings, magazines, and studies. This collection also includes documents transmitted by women's associations relating to their activities as well as documents relating to the creation and specific activities of the service.

These archival fonds, preserved in the Archives in Florence, allow for the study of women’s role in developing and fostering cooperation and integration at the European level since the end of the Second World War.

The online event, on 24 April at 17:00 on Zoom, organised by Noi Rete Donne e MinervaLab in collaboration with the European Parliament Liaison Office in Italy, is part of a larger initiative aimed at fostering interaction with other organisations and associations interested in cultivating the memory of the “Founding Mothers of Europe”.

The upcoming event aims to commemorate the contributions of Fausta Deshormes La Valle (1927-2013) as European activist and politician and as one of these “founding mathers”.

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