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Xiaohang Chen wins 2023 Antonio Cassese Prize

The EUI Department of Law is pleased to announce that Law alumnus Xiaohang Chen has received the Antonio Cassese Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis in International Law.

22 March 2023 | Award

2023.03_Xiaohang Chen_Cassese Prize

Xiaohang Chen, currently a postdoctoral researcher at Peking University Law School, has been awarded this year's Antonio Cassese Prize for the Best EUI Doctoral Thesis in International Law for his dissertation The Imagination of Alternatives. The History of International Arbitration in the Late Nineteenth Century 1863-1888. Chen defended his thesis on 3 March 2022, under the supervision of Professor Nehal Bhuta.

"Arbitration is central to international law, but how did it become so? Chen provides the answer in a meticulously researched and lucidly written thesis", shared the selection committee upon awarding the prize. "Drawing on extensive archival research, he sheds new light on the promotors of international arbitration in the late 19th century, revealing how they imagined and debated international law and peace. Methodologically self-conscious, the work makes an important contribution to the historiography of international law", added the committee.

"What a great honour it is to be awarded the Cassese Prize", reacted Chen upon receiving the prize. He also highlighted the unique role of the EUI's academic community and the exceptional support he received from the Law Department in completing his dissertation. "My PhD thesis is made possible with the distinctive academic environment of the EUI and the support of the highly professional administrative team of the EUI Law Department. I am sincerely grateful for all the kindness, support, and understandings from the Law Department in the course of researching and writing."

The Department of Law has instituted this Prize in honour of the outstanding lawyer, Antonio Cassese, who was among the most distinguished figures in international law and international criminal justice.

Previous winners of the prize are listed here.

Last update: 22 March 2023

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