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Award of Contract OP/EUI/AS/2022/001

Open Call for tender for teaching of Italian and English Academic Literacies and Language to members of the EUI community and for the provision of English text revision and editing for academic purposes

Date of contract award decision:


Name of economic operators in favour of whom the contract award decision has been taken:

A multiple framework contract in cascade for the following lots has been awarded to the following tenderers ranked as follows: 

  • Lot A -Teaching of Italian language to the EUI community, i.e. staff (both academic and administrative), researchers, fellows, trainees and partners:
  1. Valentina Martelli;
  2. Mya Giungi;
  3. Serena Neri;
  4. Franesca Chiarini;
  5. Alessandra Becucci.
  • Lot B -Teaching of English Academic Literacies (EAP) to researchers and fellows at the EUI:
  1. Jonathan Fitchett;
  2. Lewis Driver;
  3. Lisa Robbins.
  • Lot D -English text revision and editing for academic purposes:
  1. Alyson Price;
  2. David Barnes;
  3. Jonathan Fitchett;
  4. Lewis Driver;
  5. Lisa Robbins.
  • A single framework contract for the following lot has been awarded to the following tenderer:
  • Lot C: Teaching of English workplace language skills (ESP) to staff members of the EUI:

Lewis Driver

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