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Matej Avbelj

Fernand Braudel Fellow

from 1 April 2020 to 30 June 2020

Postal address: Department of Law | Via Bolognese 156 | 50139 Florence | Italy 

Villa Salviati - Office SAMN 273

Matej Avbelj is Professor of European Law at the New University, Ljubljana, Slovenia. He graduated from University of Ljubljana Faculty of Law, obtained an LL.M at NYU School of Law and defended his PhD at the European University Institute. Dr. Avbelj has been awarded several fellowships and research grants and has acted as a guest lecturer at many universities in Europe and the USA. He has written extensively in the fields of EU law, constitutional law and legal theory. His books, for example, include: The Impact of European Institutions on the Rule of Law and Democracy in Slovenia and Beyond (Hart forthcoming 2020, with Jernej Letnar Černič); The European Union under Transnational law (Hart, 2018); Research Handbook on Legal Pluralism and EU Law (Edward Elgar 2018, co-edited with Gareth Davies); Kadi on Trial: A Multifaceted Analysis of the Kadi Trial (Routledge 2016, co-edited with Giuseppe Martinico and Filippo Fontanelli); Constitutional Pluralism in the EU and beyond (Hart 2012; co-edited with Jan Komarek). He is currently leading two research projects dedicated to the “Ideology in the Courts” and to the “Integral Theory of the Future of the European Union”, which are both generously supported by the Slovenian Research Agency.


Research while at the EUI

During the Fellowship at the EUI, I will be developing further my research project on the Integral Theory of the Future of the European Union. This is destined to deepen, take further and adapt to the changed contemporary practical context of the EU the classical theoretical works, from the apex of the EU constitutional theory in the early 2000s, and thereby provide an impetus for a relaunch of this scholarly discourse with important consequences for academia as well as for students and practitioners of EU law. It is envisaged that the research work carried out at the EUI will result in a Law Department Working Paper.

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