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Delivering ambitious academic programmes with partners and through alliances


Combining its European roots and spirit with a strong international and multidisciplinary vocation, the EUI enjoys close relationships with several academic institutions, international organisations, media, civil society, and funding partners.

Our community of scholars and practitioners lies at the forefront of social sciences and humanities and, together with our partners, contributes to answer fundamental questions in both research and policymaking. 

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External relations

Close relationships between the Institute and several international institutions, media and civil society organisations facilitate the collaboration between the academia and policy-making world

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Funding partners

The European University Institute attracts relevant financial contributions from a wide variety of donors. The acceptance of external funds is always assessed to guarantee the respect of the core principles at the basis of the EUI

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If you are interested to know more about EUI initiatives and how your organisation can partner with us in this area, please get in touch


EUI_UNIFI Partnership

The EUI partners with the University of Florence

The European University Institute (EUI) and the University of Florence (UniFi) have signed a new partnership agreement to reinforce their long-standing cooperation in the fields of higher education and research.

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Online tool helps voters decide in the Slovak 2023 elections

General elections are coming up in Slovakia on 30 September. The EUI, in partnership with the Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica (UMB), has launched a new voting advice application (VAA) 'Volebný kompas' to help Slovak voters make an informed decision.

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