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Claire Kilpatrick

Professor of International and European Labour and Social Law 

KilpatrickAppointed in September 2011.

Claire Kilpatrick is Professor of International European and Social Law at the European University Institute, Florence and Co-Director of the Academy of European Law. Before coming to the EUI in 2011 she worked at LSE and before that at Cambridge University. Her interests lie mainly in the law and policy construction of Social Europe, especially the EU’s roles. Her interests in free movement and Social Europe stem particularly from new developments sparked by enlargement and challenges posed by Brexit. Another focus of her recent work has focused on EMU and Social Europe with a particular focus on sovereign debt loan arrangements and legal challenges to those arrangements from those within debtor EU states. She is a member of the Editorial Boards of the Industrial Law Journal and the International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations and of the Advisory Boards of the European Journal of Legal Studies and the European Law Journal.

Supervision Interests

“I welcome research proposals on Social Europe, broadly defined. I am especially interested in new social challenges created by EMU and enlargement and in public interest lawyering before European institutions”

Selected Publications

Constitutional change through euro-crisis law
Social rights in crisis in the Eurozone : the role of fundamental rights’ challenges
Legal Acts in the EU: Challenges and Transformations
How EU Law Shapes Opportunities for Preliminary References on Fundamental Rights: Discrimination, Data Protection and Asylum

Research Interests

  • Social dimension of EU
  • Economic and Monetary Union: legal and social aspects
  • Labour and social rights as human and fundamental rights
  • Public interest lawyering in Europe
  • Equality and anti-discrimination law

Current Research Projects

  • Equality Law in Europe - A New Generation:      The project seeks to give researchers and the general public insights, tools and ideas about how to analyse and concretely use contemporary European Equality Law. The project has constructed a comprehensive open access database of CJEU discrimination cases from 1970 to 2018, which is the first of its kind. More info
  • The Court of Justice in the Archives: 

    Through analysis of a justified selection of cases this project will address how can we best demonstrate and evaluate the potential of the Court of Justice archives from a range of disciplinary perspectives (legal history, sociology of European law, EU law) and how can we convey and consider the specificities of this archival holding. More info

Contact Details

Tel. [+39] 055  4686 214 / 511

Email: [email protected]

Administrative assistant: Hélène Debuire Franchini

Postal address: Law Department | Via Bolognese 156 | 50139 Florence - Italy (Villa Salviati, Castello - Office SACA 108)

Working Languages: English, French, Italian



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