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Researchers Admitted in September 2017

Jonata Anicetti


Defence Offsets: a liability or an asset for European companies?

Supervisor: Ulrich Krotz

Liaison professor: Jeffrey Checkel

Mahmoud Mahmoud Badr-Alaa Sherif

BADR, Alaa (EG)

Self-Criticism in Arab Political Thought

Supervisor: Olivier Roy

Liaison professor: Ellen M. Immergut

Louisa Bayerlein


International Public Adminstrations’ Influence on Policy Change – of Entrepreneurs and Antipreneurs

Supervisor: Philipp Genschel

Johannsen Bøggild


Why is Habermas not on Facebook? Examining the effects of social media on political polarization

Supervisor: Klarita Gërxhani 

Pierre Jules Chabot-Timothée

CHABOT, Timothée Pierre Jules (FR)

Social mixity and peer interactions at school. The impact of spatial segregation on the relational preferences of secondary school European students

Supervisor: Fabrizio Bernardi

External co-supervisor: Agnès van Zanten (OSC, Sciences Po)

Francesco Colombo

COLOMBO, Francesco (IT)

Welfare State Attitudes Facing Global Competition. Do Institutions and Social Stratification Still Matter?

Supervisor: Elias Dinas


ERVIK, Jonas Huus (NO)

Bridging the Divide: Partisan Business Cycles and Globalization

Supervisor: Anton Hemerijck

Jakob Frizell


Making the Rich Pay for the War: The politics of fiscal fairness in post-conflict countries

Supervisor: Phiipp Genschel

Amanda Haraldsson


Experimental evidence of the impact of media discrimination on women's political representation in Europe

Supervisor: Klarita Gërxhani 

Frederique Hardi Klein-Olivia

KLEIN, Ofra (NL)

The politicisation of cultural issues online; The framing of migration, Islam and European integration on populists right-wing Facebook pages in Western-Europe

Supervisor: Hanspeter Kriesi

Kyriaki Kourra

KOURRA, Kyriaki (CY)  

Getting Away with Murder? Unraveling the Enigmatic Regulatory Resilience of the Private Military and Security Industry 

Supervisors: Dorothee Bohle, Anton Hemerijck


 Adam Andrzej Krzykowski

KRZYKOWSKI, Adam Andrzej (PL)

From Stettin Eastwards: Comparative Foreign Policy Analysis of the Post-Soviet Frontier States


Supervisor: Ulrich Krotz

Liaison professor: Juho Härkönen

Fred Paxton


The Populist Radical Right in Local Power: Understanding different forms of local government leadership by populist radical right parties in Western Europe

Supervisor: Hanspeter Kriesi

Aleksei Pobedonostsev


Fiscal Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy: Oil, Foreign Aid and Political Regime

Supervisor: Philipp Genschel 

Johannes Rothe

ROTHE, Johannes (DE)

Institutional Change in Conflict Situations

Supervisor: Jennifer Welsh

Liaison professor: Fabrizio Bernardi

Ana Ruipérez Núñez


Europe in the aftermath of the Great Recession: the generational cleavage and the future of democracy.

Supervisor: Elias Dinas

Daniel Sandu

SANDU, Daniel (RO)

From Not Competitive to Well-Prepared: A study of the modern European social model and its response to technological automation

Supervisor: Elias Dinas

Melanie Sauter

SAUTER, Melanie (CH)

Not a target: Violence against humanitarian aid workers

Supervisor: Diego Gambetta

Co-supervisor: Jeff Checkel

Simons Jasper

SIMONS, Jasper Paul (NL)

The road towards social partnership and inclusive growth in Visegrád Europe: a golden straightjacket of dependent development?

Supervisor: Dorothee Bohle



Demographic politics in Central and Eastern Europe

Supervisor: Anton Hemerijck

Vicente Valentim

VALENTIM, Vicente (PT)

Breaking Bad: Political Parties as Agents of Social Norm Change

Supervisor: Elias Dinas

Christiaan Emmanuel Vermorken

VERMORKEN, Christiaan Emmanuel (BE)

A Comparative History of Party Finance: Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom

Supervisor: Anton Hemerijck


Tobias Widmann

WIDMANN, Tobias (DE)

Affective Politics: Identifying Determinants of Emotional Appeals in Political Discourse

Supervisor: Hanspeter Kriesi


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