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Ayhan Kaya

Jean Monnet Fellow

Kaya-AyhanIstanbul Bilgi University

De-Europeanization of Turkish Asylum and Migration Policies: The Unfolding of the Syrian Refugee Crisis 

Email: [email protected]
Tel. [+39] 055 4685 765  
Office: Casale, CA008

Biographical Note

Professor of Politics and Jean Monnet Chair of European Politics of Interculturalism and the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the Department of International Relations, Istanbul Bilgi University; member of the Science Academy, Turkey; worked and taught at the European University Viadrina as Aziz Nesin Chair in 2013; worked and taught at the Malmö University, Sweden as the Willy Brandt Chair in 2011; specialised on European identities, Euro-Turks in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, Circassian diaspora in Turkey, and the construction and articulation of modern transnational identities, popülist movements in Europe, and Islamophobia; received his PhD and MA degrees at the University of Warwick, England.

Some of his books are Europeanization and Tolerance in Turkey (London: Palgrave, 2013); Islam, Migration and Integration: The Age of Securitization (London: Palgrave, 2009); Contemporary Migrations in Turkey: Integration or Return (Istanbul Bilgi University Press, in Turkish, co-written with others), Belgian-Turks, Brussels: King Baudouin Foundation, 2008, co-written with Ferhat Kentel), Euro-Turks: A Bridge or a Breach between Turkey and the EU (Brussels: CEPS Publications, 2005, co-written with Ferhat Kentel, Turkish version by Bilgi University); wrote another book titled Sicher in Kreuzberg: Constructing Diasporas, published in two languages, English (Bielefeld: Transkript verlag, 2001) and Turkish (Istanbul: Büke Yayınları, 2000); translated Ethnic Groups and Boundaries by Fredrik Barth and Citizenship and Social Classes by T. H. Marshall and Tom Bottomore; and he edited several book on migration, integration, citizenship, and diasporas.

Kaya received Turkish Social Science Association Prize in 2003; Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA-GEBİP) Prize in 2005; Sedat Simavi Research Prize in 2005; and also Euroactiv European Prize in 2008. 

Research Project

De-Europeanization of Turkish Asylum and Migration Policies: The Unfolding of the Syrian Refugee Crisis 

This research aims to unravel the correlation between de-secularization of the Turkish state under the Justice and Development Party (JDP) rule and the Europeanization and de-Europeanization of Turkish migration, asylum and integration laws.

The main premise of this research is that the JDP government generated a Eurosceptic set of discourses and policies in the second half of the 2000s leading to the lifting of visas with the neighbouring countries in the Middle East in contradiction to EU legislation. The break-up of Turkey’s European perspective has partly contributed to the destabilization of the Middle East and the emergence of the Syrian crisis.

Using the speeches of the leading JDP polital elite and the formal speeches of the relevant bureucrats, this research will concentrate on the ways in which the Syrian refugees in Turkey were perceived and treated by the policy makers. Comparing the ways in which the Syrian refugees were perceived by the Turkish policy makers with they ways in which they were perceived by other Eurosceptic state actors in the EU such as the Hungarian government is expected to provide a comparative perspective on the margins of the EU, which is mainly deriving from a popülist Huntingtonian civilizational paradigm.






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