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European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO)

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The European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO) was launched in the spring of 2006 as an independent and interdisciplinary academic organization.  In 2008, EUDO became a fully-integrated part of the Schuman Centre and with a grant from the Research Council of the EUI, and thanks to additional funds made available by the Schuman Centre, EUDO was able to increase its activities and properly establish its infrastructure in 2009. Its declared goals were: to produce a permanent and periodic assessment of democratic practices within the EU; to serve as a forum to exchange ideas and good practices; and to be a resource for policy-makers, academics and EU citizens. 

To fulfill this mission, the EUDO platform consisted of five components: the four EUDO observatories, a yearly dissemination conference, the EUDO forum, the EUDO training platform and the EUDO Data Centre.

In 2018, the European Governance and Politics Programme was born from the ashes of EUDO, building on the work and reputation of its predecessor.



Peter Mair †, Co-Founder and Co-Director

Luciano Bardi, Co-Founder and Co-Director

Hanspeter Kriesi, Co-Director

Lorenzo Cicchi, Coordinator

Enrico Calossi, Coordinator

Rainer Baubock, Co-Director

Jo Shaw, Co-Director

Maarten Vink, Co-Director

Jean-Thomas Arrighi, Coordinator

Orianne Cagliaro, Coordinator

Benoit Challand, Coordinator

Jelena Dzankic, Coordinator

Stefania Milan, Coordinator

Vesselin Paskalev, Coordinator

Guido Tintori, Coordinator


Research and Publications


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