Microeconomics 1 (ECO-CO-MICRO1)


Department ECO
Course category ECO Compulsory courses
Course type Course
Academic year 2021-2022
Term BLOCK 1
Credits 1 (EUI Economics Department)
  • Prof. Laurent Mathevet
Contact Simonsen, Sarah


Professor: Laurent Mathevet (email: [email protected])

Purpose of course. The course will examine individual choices and economies where all markets are competitive. More specifically, in the first part of the course we will analyze the choice problem of consumers and firms and determine the properties of individual and aggregate demand functions. We will conclude the first part with an analysis of individual choices under uncertainty. In the second part of the course we will investigate first which economic outcomes, or allocations, are feasible in these economies, and which outcomes are efficient. Next, we will analyze the properties of the allocations attained as equilibria when consumers and firms can trade in competitive markets. If time will allow we will conclude extending the analysis to dynamic economies under uncertainty, where agents can also trade in competitive markets for financial securities.

Prerequisites. You are expected to be familiar with the material covered in a standard intermediate microeconomics course (as in Varian, Intermediate Microeconomics (1999)).

Teaching method. There will be fourteen one and a half hour lectures and seven exercise classes.



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