Microeconomics 3 (ECO-CO-MICRO3)


Department ECO
Course category ECO Compulsory courses
Course type Course
Academic year 2021-2022
Term BLOCK 3
Credits 1 (EUI Economics Department)
Contact Simonsen, Sarah


Zeinab Aboutalebi (Email: [email protected])

Weekly Problem sets: 20%
Midterm Exam (Date TBA): 40%
Final Exam (Date TBA): 40%

Course Description
This course is intended to introduce you to Economics of Information, Mechanism Design and Social
choice Theory. The course has a principal text book and a recommended textbook. Each topic
has Extra readings that are either articles that are particularly closely related to some of the material
from class, or are books that are particularly useful for the topic. There will be a midterm
exam (Date TBA) and a final exam (Date TBA), each worth 40% of your grade. Exercises will be
assigned from time to time during class. It is in your interest to complete all the exercises as they
are randomly marked by the class TA and contributes to 20% of your final grade. Solutions will be
covered in the TA sessions . The extra readings are optional in the sense that you will not be tested
on material that is not covered in class. In addition,the readings are quite difficult; so do not get
discouraged if you find them so.



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