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Mapping the Direct and Indirect Impacts of Public Policies. Become a World-Class Policy Analyst (STG-MA-M4-PSW13)


Department STG
Course category 1st Year
Course type Seminar
Academic year 2022-2023
Term 1ST SEM
Credits 1 (European Credits (EC))
Contact Prieto, Maria Elvira
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Want to know how policy analysts approach problems in practice?

Most government officials, consultants and social science scholars analyse public policy and formulate policy recommendations. These activities require significant knowledge of the possible direct and indirect impacts that can be generated by a given policy option, as well as the possible interactions between them. This workshop will introduce them to the intricacies of policy impacts, how to navigate through complex problems thanks to a solid theoretical framework for policy analysis, and how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

The workshop starts with an introduction to problem definition and selecting policy alternatives; and then introduces a taxonomy of direct and indirect impacts of public policy, which the instructor developed for the European Commission, Secretary General in 2014 and later became part of the EU Better Regulation Toolbox, and entered the methodological guidance of several countries around the world. Examples are then developed and discussed directly with participants, to stimulate analytical thinking and develop a broader understanding of the possible consequences of different policy options, as well as the possible strategies that can be adopted when policy is being developed under uncertainty. Participants are then asked to engage in a group exercise and present their findings to the whole group.

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