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EUI Helpdesk Portal (Xperience) Features

The new Xperience Helpdesk tool provides the following features: 



You can now file a support request simply by sendng an email to the following address: [email protected]



You can now open tickets on behalf of any other user of the same (Academic or Administrative) Unit as yours.

Please note: any notifications from the Helpdesk will be then sent to that user ONLY!

For further details please check the Users' Manual.



You may check the steps (actions and status) your ticket has gone through anytime by selecting the History tab. 

For further details please check the Users' Manual.



External users may access the EUI helpdesk portal once they have self-registered by clicking on the "New Non-EUI User ? Please register here"  link on the Login window and filling in all relevant information.

For further details please check the Users' Manual.



A Catalogue of Services offered by the Units providing user support to the EUI Community (currently REFS and ICT) is available on the landing page of the EUI Helpdesk portal. By clicking on one of the two services involved, the relevant Catalogue will show up: select any of the items described in order to find out more details.



Page last updated on 03 April 2018

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