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Intranet Events Now Available on the EUI Website

Posted on 20 September 2010

Activate Intranet Events

The EUI Web Unit has released a useful new feature for the Seminars & Events section of the website.

Now all EUI members can search, list, and browse Intranet Events.

Intranet Events include training sessions, special events, courses and meetings targeted at specific parts of the EUI community.

There is an "Intranet Events" checkbox on the top right of the page. Tick this box to show Intranet Events:

 If you are not already signed in, you will be asked to do so using your EUI account.

All Intranet Events will be listed and available for browsing and searching.

They are identified by the usual Intranet red lock icon and by a red frame.

At any stage, you can hide Intranet Events by un-ticking the "Intranet Events" checkbox at the top right of the page.

Intranet Events

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