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The Impact of the Max Weber Programme on Fellows Careers

A MW Fellowship boosts academic careers according to the Impact Evaluation Report of the MWP for 2013.

The report compares the career trajectories of MW Fellows and those applicants to the MW Programme who were either offered a Fellowship and turned it down or were sufficiently highly ranked to be long-listed or put on the reserve list for a Fellowship.

The comparison between these two cohorts shows that:

    • Comparing the four cohorts of Fellows and non-Fellows, on average, 90% of each cohort of Fellows holds an academic position against an average of 84% for each cohort of non-Fellows
    • Participation in the Programme leads to greater career progression: the percentage of professors and researchers among Fellows is larger than among the equivalent cohort of non-Fellows
    • MW Fellows are 18.2% more likely to keep the position they find during their Fellowship than non-Fellows during the equivalent period
    • MW Fellows, in particular women, are more visible on the internet.


To read the full report click here (pdf)

See the map showing where the Fellows went.

Page last updated on 17 August 2017

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