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Impulliti, Giammario

Associate Professor

University of Nottingham, School of Economics, United Kingdom



Max Weber alumnus

Department of Economics

Cohort(s): 2006/2007, 2007/2008

Ph.D. Institution

The New School for Social Research, United States


I completed my  Ph.D. studies in Economics at the New School University, New York, in May 2006. Through the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium (IUDC) I did a substantial part of my coursework and dissertation at the New York University Economics Department, where I have also been a full-time instructor since fall 2002. Previously to my Ph.D. studies I gained a BA and doctorate in political economy at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, and an MA in economics from Coripe at the University of Turin.
Throughout my doctoral studies I have specialized in the fields of Macroeconomics of the Labor Market, Growth Theory, and International Trade.
The title of my dissertation is “Schumpeterian Models at Work: Applications to International Competition and Welfare, Innovation Policy, and Wage Inequality”. My thesis advisors were Gianluca Violante (primary, NYU), Jonathan Eaton (NYU), Duncan Foley (NSU), and Guido Cozzi (University of Rome).
Besides the completion of some of the papers extracted from my dissertation I am currently working on two new research projects: the first focuses on the effects of foreign schumpeterian competition on domestic firms’ incentives to innovate. The second studies the effect of changes in social norms on wage inequality.
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