Poncibò, Cristina

Associate Professor

University of Turin, Italy


Max Weber alumnus

Department of Law

Cohort(s): 2006/2007

Ph.D. Institution

University of Florence, Italy


I graduated in EU Law (1997) from the University of Turin with magna cum laude and an honourable mention, with a thesis on Telecommunications Market and Competition Law, focusing on the essential facility doctrine.
I received a Doctorate in Comparative Law (2005) from the University of Florence with a dissertation on Mauro Cappelletti’s work discussing the collective interests in Comparative Law with specific attention to Consumer Law. The publication of the dissertation is expected by the end of 2006.
Since 2004, when I was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship within the Lagrange Project, I have been working on the Challenge of Complex Systems (see http://www.progettolagrange.it/en - 10% projects funded)
I am presently based in the Department of Legal Studies of the University of Eastern Piedmont in cooperation with McGill University, working on the judicial governance of risk regulation.
My teaching experience, begun in 2002, is in the area of Comparative Law and I take part in some international research projects on European Private Law.
My project for MWF focuses on Comparative Private Law and Risk Regulation.

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