Maiani, Francesco

Associate Professor of European Law

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

San Marino

Max Weber alumnus

Department of Law

Cohort(s): 2007/2008

Ph.D. Institution

University of Lausanne, Switzerland


In 1999, I graduated with distinction from the Law Faculty of the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. In 2000, I have completed, also with distinction, the LL.M. programme in European and International Economic Law of the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne.
In 2006, I received a Ph.D. in Law (summa cum laude) from the Universities of Lausanne and Milan “Statale” with a dissertation on the protection of family unity in the context of the allocation of asylum seekers between Member States.
In the period 2001-6, I have held the position of Assistant diplômé at the Law Faculty of the University of Lausanne. In parallel (2003-6) I have worked on a research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (“Implications and perspectives of the European migration policy for the EU Member States and for Switzerland”). In 2006, I have been appointed Adjunct Lecturer in European Law, giving a course on the impact of EU Law on the Swiss legal order. During academic year 2007-8 I will teach this course at the University of Lausanne, as well as advanced courses in Institutional Law and Free Movement Law, in the capacity of Replacement Professor.
My research interests, initially focused on EU Institutional Law, have evolved to
encompass International and EU Migration and Human Rights Law. As a Max Weber Fellow, my research goal will be to develop a detailed analysis of, and a coherent theoretical framework for, the interactions between EU Law, International Law and the legal orders of non-EU States. Asylum and Refugee Law will be used as casestudy, since in this area the patterns of mutual influence between these legal orders are particularly strong and diverse.

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