Kiviorg, Merilin

Senior Research Fellow in International Law

University of Tartu, Estonia


Max Weber alumnus

Department of Law

Cohort(s): 2009/2010

Ph.D. Institution

University of Oxford, United Kingdom


My research interests are in international/comparative human rights, law and religion, human rights in the EU, international law and legal philosophy. I am currently focusing on the concept of autonomy as linked to equal worth and the dignity of all human beings. I am asking normative questions about religious autonomy as protected by the ECtHR.
At the EUI I would like to develop my doctoral thesis (University of Oxford) into a book. This requires further research in the areas of equality, minority rights, positive duties of the State, the idea of State neutrality and impartiality, the idea of the plurality of legal systems, but also of the role of the international court in adjudicating sensitive issues of law and religion.
IĀ also intend to deepen my understanding of EU law affecting freedom of religion or belief and of interplay between EU law and the ECtHR in matters of law and religion.
I have taught international law and human rights (University of Tartu, University of Oxford). I have published several articles on various topics under the broader theme of law and religion in Estonia. I am in the process of developing these papers into a monograph which will be published by Kluwer Law International.
I have also written on general issues of international law and human rights. With a team of scholars at the University of Tartu we published a textbook on international law and a book on legal drafting and the rule of law. I have edited a bench book for judges in Estonia. I have been advising Estonian government institutions on issues of law and religion and international law.

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